"Wisdoms Walk"



The walk of wisdom brings us to a point where our minds will be free and uncluttered, our inner wisdom will bring knowledge of our truest self.


At William Beckett & Associates, we are committed to helping individuals and the family systems in which they operate. Our shared goal is the actualization of their potential toward emotional health and growth.


We offer comprehensive mental health services including individual, couples and family counseling as well as psychiatric evaluation, medication management and psychological testing. In addition we encourage our clients to become involved with community support services. We are staffed by qualified mental health professionals, including a psychiatrist, clinical nurse specialist, psychologist and counselors with a variety of specialties.


While we recognize universal themes and issues, we pledge sensitivity to special needs, including those of non-traditional couples and families.


From the date of your first contact, we will work with you to assess your needs and to plan the combination of services  that will be most beneficial to you.


We pledge to offer you a pleasant, competent office staff to serve you with courtesy and compassion in a comfortable atmosphere.


Your confidentiality will be protected to the fullest, in accordance with federal and state laws and the rules of the Ohio Department of Mental Health as well as the various ethical codes governing the practice of our professional staff.  Please review the listing of Clients Rights posted in the waiting room and discuss any questions or concerns with your counselor.

Payment for Services


Payment for your visit is expected at the time of service.  You are responsible for any deductible and co-payment. Call or stop in to discuss payment arrangements for non-covered services and services that exceed your maximum benefits.




 In case of an emergency please call our regular business number.

 If the office is closed, you will be directed to call our answering service.